Tips and FAQs

How are you running network devices in this thing?

Everything in Antidote is executed in Kubernetes, so everything has to be a container. On the surface, this may seem like a barrier to being able to run virtual networking images, which are commonly available as virtual machines. Indeed, a common misconception is that the two models are mutually exclusive, but they're not.

At the end of the day, a container is just a highly configured process, and QEMU can execute virtual machines easily with a single command. We build all of this into a container image, so that in essence, when the container is started, the virtual machine is started as well.

See :ref:architecture <architecture> for more details on this and other aspects of images within Antidote.

Do you only support Junos?

Definitely not. In fact, the underlying Antidote platform doesn't care at all what operating system a lesson endpoint uses, only that it's accessible via the ports described in a Presentation.

As of v1.1.0, the NRE Labs curriculum includes and makes use of a Cumulus VX image as well, and we have plans to add even more in the near future. Any other networking vendor that is interested in donating a virtual image for their kit and is willing to abide by the project's governance document and the code of conduct is welcome to participate in the project.

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