Object Reference

Antidote is a platform for bringing otherwise complicated technical learning material to the masses, by taking care of the complexity behind the scenes, out of sight of the learner. To that end, there are a variety of tools we make available to you, the lesson author / teacher to make this possible.

Some tools are designed to make things easier to teach, others makes things easier to learn, other things do both. Please read through this portion of the documentation so you don't miss out on any useful tools you can leverage to really make your content stand out.

In Antidote, all curriculum content is defined through a set of types, usually represented either as YAML files, or as properties of a type that is represented in a YAML file. We'll loosely refer to these things as "objects", and they (as well as any supporting files) are stored within a Git repository, forming a curriculum. This section of the documentation is meant to be used as a reference - all supported Antidote objects are defined and explained in these sections.

It's important to note that while this portion of the documentation is designed to inform about details, the vast majority of what's contained here is available through the various creation wizards of the antidote CLI tool.

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