Review and Merge

ALL contributions to the NRE Labs curriculum must be done via a Pull Request, and Pull Requests can only be merged to masterwith an approving review from a project maintainer. This is not a hostile, arbitrary gate-keeping function, but rather a way of ensuring quality remains high for the curriculum.

With the exception of very small Pull Requests to fix things like typos, the chance that your Pull Request will be merged immediately with no suggested changes is very low. However, the good news is, that's okay, and expected. The job of a project maintainer is to get pull requests merged, not closed. So, you should expect that your pull request will likely generate questions, and probably some suggested changes. However, you can also expect the following behavior from any project maintainer:

  • All comments/questions will be constructive in nature, aimed at helping you as a contributor, and the overall project grow.

  • We always want to end every pull request in a "merge" if at all possible. Every question or suggestion is aimed at putting you closer to getting your contribution into the project.

All reviews will be aimed at keeping the quality of the curriculum high. Please read the Curriculum Quality Standards and do your best to ensure that your content strives to meet those standards - it will make the review process a lot smoother.

Once your Pull Request is merged, it will be automatically included in the next release of the curriculum, and published on the site when that process finishes.

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